David Le Breton in these words: ''Walking, in the context of contemporary reality, would seem to express a form of nostalgia or resistance.

The walkers are singular people, who accept for a few hours or a few days to get out of the car to physically venture into the nakedness of the world. The act of walking represents the triumph of the body, with different shades according to the degree of freedom of the person.
It favors the elaboration of an elementary philosophy of existence based on a series of little things, induces for a moment the traveler to question himself, his relationship with nature, with others, to meditate on an unexpected range of issues.'

Our work is based on three principles that we strongly believe in and that we invest on a lot:

1. Innovation: the true strength that Tripinyourshoes has is to develop innovative projects on the social promotion through high-quality content.

2. Sustainability: this theme is at the base of the development of a responsible tourism that economically supports realities that are at risk of extinction.

3. Ambition: this is a key theme in order to believe in the project and aim to reach positive results about the environmental impact in the tourism aspect.

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