Tripinyourshoes is a no-profit organization located in Genova. The main goal of this enterprise is to promote an authentic and sustainable tourism, through walking trips around the world.

We really believe that a new kind of slow tourism, would really help people rebounding with nature. Nowadays, we have to be more aware about the fact that a much bigger effort in nature preservation is needed. There has to be an improvement in the regulation of our social-economic impact, trying to avoid geographical damage and at the same time be able to satisfy the travellers expectations.


Traveling is a responsibility: moving through countries is big deal for everybody; we all get influenced by the traveling experiences, but the real question is, what do we leave behind? Getting in touch with a new territory and new communities needs a certain rate of knowledge and awareness. Walking trips even more, because they give us the possibility to know mostly the untouched parts of the counties that we are exploring. Tripinyourshoes wants to be as concrete as possible in order to put the concepts of protection and understanding on all new level, where everybody can relate, leading to a personal growth. We are aiming to create common goals for everybody, first of all enhancing the importance of territories, of the communities and the importance of biodiversity and its protection.

   It is very important for us, to be able to share as much as we can of our trips. Through our emotional videos and pictures, we aim to enhance the emotions that we felt and lived during our experiences, hoping to increase awareness and the beauty that only an outdoor trip can give.


    Our engagements are:


We want to suggest a new and innovative point of view. To show our field experience and transmit the emotions that we felt with the best quality, our commitment is to create videos and frames made with the most innovative technologies. Our equipment is mostly provided by our supporters Leica Italy and Panasonic. We also use FPV drones to have the best cinematic footages.


Our purpose is to create a story around the topics that we are facing, in order to create a public engagement. We are storyteller because we have a deep and personal understanding of what we tell, working mainly through the emotions that we felt and communicating the information as directly as possible, creating an actual “relationship” between what we tell and who is listening. Our communication channels are our social media profiles, videos and our website, in which we regularly update our blog.


Working on the field gives us the concrete possibility to study in deep the topics that we are engaged to. Our commitment is not only to create nice videos and pictures, but also to really understand the realities that we are approaching. In this way, the data that we collect during our trips, become essential for us in order to find the best way to communicate our experience and the meaning of it. One of our goals is to collect information to elaborate scientific articles to publish on our blog or on other magazine related to the topics.



Pietro Ienca

Founder of Tripinyourshoes, Doctor in Human Science of Environment, Territory and Landscape in Milan. Loved geography and hiking since was a child. Passionate about documenting experiences with videos and photographs to share with all people around. Official Drone Pilot recognized by ENAC Italy.

Art Director

Luigi Chiurchi

Co-founder of Tripinyourshoes. Videomaker & Beatmaker. Loves to tell his point of view through videos & photos, it’s one of the things that gratifies him the most, the same goes for the music he produces.

Social Media Manager

Dario Ottonello

 Loves to explore and learn about new cultures. His passion for the media was born with the possibility of creating a huge sharing network to show a slice of the world even to the less fortunate. Another passion is sport like skiing, climbing and mountain biking. Official Drone pilot recognized by ENAC Italy.


We think we are in an era where we have to fully commit to the preservation of our natural and human heritage with an economic and social impact that would not damage the geographical excellence and that would internally satisfy the visitor.




One of our main activities is to retrace abandoned paths through long walks in contact with people, nature and the local culture, passing on our experience to our followers through emotional videos in order to raise awareness and make them feel every emotion that an outdoorsy travel can provoke.


Innovation: the true strength of Tripinyourshoes is to develop innovative projects on the social promotion through high-quality content. Sustainability: this theme is the base of the development of a responsible tourism that economically supports realities that are at risk of extinction. Ambition: this is a key theme in order to believe in the project and aim to reach positive results about the environmental impact in the tourism aspect.