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Unspoiled, Unexplored, Unbelievable. Visit the Faroe Islands and explore Europe’s best kept secret.

We have been invited by Visit Faroe Islands to tell these wonderful islands in a period where tourism is not normally developed yet, the goal is precisely to seasonally increase and improve the quality of tourism, with a responsible approach in close contact with the communities.

Visit Faroe Islands’ new tourism strategy is designed to preserve and evolve the nation’s distinct nature and culture and to help the tourism industry grow in a responsible and sustainable manner into the next decade.

Termed as a Preservolution, this new perspective on tourism is a solution with preservation and evolution at its core.

This is a unique opportunity to shape an entire industry from the get-go, with the needs, desires and lifestyle of the Faroese people as its focal point. That is our utmost responsibility and we need to start now.

We see this as the most important task for us as a destination and country in the years to come.

The new strategy, which brings together the functions of development and marketing, has been in progress since April 2018, and has now been published as a manifesto and accompanying short film.

The new sustainable tourism development strategy is shaped by four key cornerstones:

#1 Quality over quantity

#2 Tourism for all of the Faroe Islands, all year round

#3 Knowledge and professionalistion

#4 A common legislative framework

Key messages/initiatives include limiting the size and number of cruise ships allowed ashore in the Faroe Islands; spreading tourism across the country, all year round, ensuring job stability and strengthening the industry’s economic durability; and the introduction of a Nature Preservation Fee for all visitors to the islands, funds from which will go into a National Nature Preservation Foundation that will reinvest the money in sustainable and nature-preserving projects and activities across the islands.