Marettimo, the wildest and most unspoiled Egadi Island! Crystal clear waters to swim in and paths to explore


The beautiful islands of Norway, Lofoten are known for their excellent fishing, spectacular nature and small hidden villages.


Discovering Armenia, a country still to be thoroughly known, rich in history and culture as well as in breathtaking landscapes. Through one of the most beautiful Armenian National Parks, the Dilijan and the uncontaminated Vayots Dzor province.

Faroe Island

An archipelago formed by 18 islands, immersed in the North Atlantic Ocean, and Danish autonomous territory located further north. The Faroe Islands, with its 50,000 inhabitants, is an extraordinary naturalistic paradise that reveals breathtaking landscapes, picturesque fishing villages, countless species of birds and flocks of sheep.

Canary Island

GR131 – The best paths in La Palma in a unique long trail, the volcanoes trail and the ridge of Caldera de Taburiente. The long route GR131 in La Palma is an extreme rote that follows the ridge of the highest volcanoes and mountains of the Isla Bonita, La Palma.


The natural, historical and artistic heritage is remarkable. In a context characterized by rugged mountains overlooking the sea of ​​Sicily, the signs of man are still evident, evidence of a millennial presence (Prehistory) which in some cases is handed down to current activities.

Sierra de Gata

Sierra de Gata is one of the main mountain ranges in the Sistema Central, Spain. A territory rich in culture and full of gastronomic specialties to taste. An ecosystem where traditions are still strong.


The Westfjords is where Iceland’s dramatic landscapes come to a riveting climax and where mass tourism disappears – only about 10% of Iceland’s visitors ever see the region. Rutted dirt roads snake north along jaw-dropping coastal fjords and over immense central mountains, revealing tiny fishing villages embracing traditional ways of life.

Poland and Slovakia

Through two national border parks characterized by immense biodiversity, culture and local gastronomy. The two Polish national parks, the Tatrzanski and the Pieniny, are located in the extreme south of Poland bordering Slovakia.

Jurassic Coast

The Jurassic Coast is one of the most impressive coast line in England. Old Harry Rocks is one of the most famous Purbeck region landmark.

Wolf Crest

The Apennines rising between the Tuscan sea and the Emilia plains breathe the airs of Europe and those of the Mediterranean. It is a path, suspended between two worlds that in the 4 seasons change, overturn and regenerate colors, emotions, perfumes and perspectives.

Ligurian Salt Way

The Old Ligurian Salt Way from Genova to Piacenza crossing one of the wildest part of Liguria region and hiking in Trebbia valley considered by Hamingway the most beautiful valley of the world.


From Ogliastra to the Sinis Peninsula, from Cala di Luna to Capo Mannu along the 40th parallel: the best way to come into contact with extraordinary nature and people. At the end of the long walk you realize you have not crossed an island but a civilization.