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The map of all our adventures and projects. Take a look to discover our travels!

Walk with us! But first, it’s very important to know where you are going! We are here to help you to find your way. Through our map you will be able to follow TripinYourShoes in its journeys all around the world, finding our itineraries and so much more! Take a look and begin to travel!


Our itineraries, from the simplest ones to those where experience counts!

Our itineraries contain everything you need to know, with videos and photos to get an idea of what you’ll gonna leave. We have been traveling and walking around the globe, meeting people, sighting rare animals and eating the most amazing exotic food. On our routes we show you a bit of what we experienced, everything you need to know about our trips, through video, pictures and words. Check it out and take a bite of our adventures!

All our projects with Institutions and Television. Take a look and see what we do besides the hiking routes!

It’s not just a matter of walking! Behind our journeys we made many interesting projects. We have been working with Institutions, Televisions, Brands and so much more. TripinYourShoes is Growing and If you want to know how we got here and where we are going, check out our projects!




Petro Ienca

Founder of Tripinyourshoes, Doctor in Human Science of Environment, Territory and Landscape in Milan. Loved geography and hiking since was a child. Passionate about documenting experiences with videos and photographs to share with all people around. Official Drone Pilot recognized by ENAC Italy.


Luigi Chiurchi

Co-founder of Tripinyourshoes. Videomaker & Beatmaker. Loves to tell his point of view through videos & photos, it’s one of the things that gratifies him the most, the same goes for the music he produces.

Project Manager

Dario Ottonello

 Loves to explore and learn about new cultures. His passion for the media was born with the possibility of creating a huge sharing network to show a slice of the world even to the less fortunate. Another passion is sport like skiing, climbing and mountain biking. Official Drone pilot recognized by ENAC Italy.