Tripinyourshoes was born in Genoa as a non-profit association. Originally, its aim was to promote authentic and sustainable tourism through walking experiences in Italy and many other parts of the world. This project then developed as a space in which to tell the story of the territories through images and impressions gathered in the field.


To Empower young people, locals and travellers on the value of local natural territories.


Via communication and active projects, we aim to bring to life rural areas to raise awareness among people on the value and culture of local natural territories.



Culture: We believe in the value of local culture and traditions and relaunching rural an periurban territories.

Education: Awareness and respect stems from education. We believe in the empowerment of young people, the future ambassadors of these realities.

Sharing: We aim to share realities, stories, journeys and sustainable innovation to narrate the rural world.

Responsibility: We fill responsible to share the local realities we encounter and to develop the most concrete projects to support them.

Action: We walk, we explore, we travel sustainably, we speak to locals and we empower you to do the same, and discover the local wonders around you.

Biodiversity: Nature as the driving force of local development: for a life and tourism in rhythm with biodiversity.

Aims and Objectives

To design and implement projects to support our mission and vision

To create a sharing platform, to communicate and support sustainable tourism realities and local rural territories.

To develop and run events, to bring people closer, to the importance of reconnecting with nature.

To Build a community and network of volunteers, local and international realities (NGO’s, Private and Public Sectors and Citizens), all working together towards a common goal.

To engage students in active projects, to enhance their professional development and empower them to lead the change.

To actively involve researcher and universities in the projects to support our action with scientific evidence.

Measurable Goals

Walking, walking and walking: thus rediscovering the pleasure of slow travel and the discovery of territories, as well as their revival

Involve students in didactic paths about content creation, approaching rural territories and enhancing digital skills, in the framework of projects against school dispersion

Create a network between trekkers, schools and content creators



Itineraries: to link sustainable projects via trails and walk, valorising local territories.

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Bringing locals, tourists and volunteers to visit the local realities.


Professional and innovative support:

Digital and working support to rising, innovative and authentic realities carried out by young professionals.




Pietro Ienca

Founder of Tripinyourshoes, Doctor in Human Science of Environment, Territory and Landscape in Milan. Loved geography and hiking since was a child. Passionate about documenting experiences with videos and photographs to share with all people around. Official Drone Pilot recognized by ENAC Italy.



Luigi Chiurchi

Co-founder of Tripinyourshoes. Videomaker & Beatmaker. Loves to tell his point of view through videos & photos, it’s one of the things that gratifies him the most, the same goes for the music he produces.

Social Media Manager & Communication Leader

bua (1)

Pietro Buatier

He loves writing and international politics. He is interested in communication in all its forms. Trekker from the beginning and social media manager along the way. Loves trails, backpacking adventures and storytelling.

Video Assistant


Dario Ottonello

 Loves to explore and learn about new cultures. His passion for the media was born with the possibility of creating a huge sharing network to show a slice of the world even to the less fortunate. Another passion is sport like skiing, climbing and mountain biking. Official Drone pilot recognized by ENAC Italy.